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    [ADD #309] Added Simplistic Building detection feature. · 9006f304
    aschwarzkopf authored
    Some simplistic algorithms are done in order to group buildings. Evaluation:
      + Important data structures as Octree and Quadtree are implemented with important functions
      + Grouping neighbor voxels runs even if still not 26-neighborship (few steps required)
         + Algorithm can easily be transferred to the quadtree set.
      + First new plugin for cutting of outlier points using the algorithm that calculates
        figuring out cube connectivity. Other points are cut off that don't belong to the
        largest voxel group
      - Possibly vaporized effort
          - The algorithm that takes relative elevation minimums has problems detecting low buildings.
              - Probably the algorithm won't be taken
              + The great deal of the code amount used for it can be very useful for the final code.
          + It's easy to differ trees from buildings
              - Not thought to the end to differ trees that are very close to buildings
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