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    [ADD ##368] Surface detection using the Region Growing Segmentation of the Point Cloud Library · c2b92c4b
    Andreas Schwarzkopf authored
     * Currently the module Surface detection by PCL only gives the ability to detect
     * surfaces using point clouds (WDataSetPoints) what is a method of a fair quality.
     * Some few changes across other modules:
     *   - Improvement on the octree neighbor search algorithm. Now you can look for
     *     neighbors using the neighborship of 6, 18 or 26
     *   - Very first steps on the surface detection algorithm "An adaptive approach for the
     *     segmentation and extraction of planar and linear/cylindrical features from laser
     *     scanning data" of Lari/Habib (2014).
     *   - Added an unidimensional kd tree structures with some processing methods such as
     *     looking for nearest nghbors.
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