1. 20 Jul, 2017 1 commit
  2. 16 Dec, 2014 1 commit
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      [FIX 371] Fixing somen memory leaks and few feature improvements · 70f54ec4
      Andreas Schwarzkopf authored
      Main changes:
        - Multithreading for allocating kd-trees at 8 threads.
        - Fixed memory leak when kd-tree is destroyed. Not all memory was freed previously.
        - Added few point transformation features regarding automatical color adjustment.
        - Improved speed of the point file lading feature.
        - Fixed ReadLAS module
            - Previously it could only use greyscale color channel.
            - Made X/Y-sliders more intuitive
  3. 19 Sep, 2014 1 commit
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      [STYLE #42] Added empty lines between methods in code and header files · 15deb769
      Andreas Schwarzkopf authored
       * Added some empty lines between methods in code and header files.
       * Bugfix: Solved problem in point data saving that the coordinate precision was about 5
       * signs.
       * Sebastian Eichelbaum wrote (18.09.2014, 11:46):
       * >> Hi Andreas
       * >>
       * >> Ich würde dich gern bitten darauf zu achten, dass du zwischen Funktionen
       * >> eine Leerzeile lässt. Das betrifft sowohl die CPP als auch die Header
       * >> files. Als Beispiel: WBmpImage.cpp. Dort hast du nach dem Konstruktor
       * >> eine Leerzeile gemacht, nach dem Destruktor und den folgenden Funktionen
       * >> jedoch nicht.
       * >>
       * >> Ansonsten ist dein Stil sehr sauber. Auch die Doxygen Doku ist sehr
       * >> ordentlich. Super.
       * >>
       * >> Gruß
       * >> Sebastian
  4. 07 Sep, 2014 1 commit
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      [FIX #371] Repaired the multithreading setting · 883eac38
      Andreas Schwarzkopf authored
       * General style Some style improvements.
       * General features:
       *   - Points - Transform: Color equalizer (contrast and offset setting for each color
       *     channel)
       * Performance improvements (in general about 4 times faster)
       *   - Lari/Habib 2014 clustering has now following improvements.
       *       - Removing points from the parameter space kd-tree after adding to a plane -
       *         This change created an additional, temporary parameter domain kd-tree which
       *         is in the beginning just a copy of the original parameter domain kd-tree.
       *         When points are added to a plane, they are removed from that copy. It makes
       *         the algorithm a way faster.
       *       - Distinguishing whether a point belongs to an extent directly in an point
       *         searcher instance works faster than building a list with additional
       *         unnecessary points and filtering afterwards. In that change a new class
       *         inherited from WPointSearcher and overwrote a method which distinguishes
       *         whether points are added or not.
       *       - Another story is counting points of an extent with a searched point as peak
       *         centre. Previously points were put in a list in order to count them
       *         afterwards. This new class was further modified at traversing. So no new
       *         unnecessary list is built up.
       * Bugs fixed:
       *   - Boundary detection problems were fixed. Originally there was a detection that
       *     checked whether a new bound would hit the pre previously detectet bound. But that
       *     seemet practically not to be enough. So every point adding a new bound is checked
       *     whether it hits one of all bound pieces detected. Nevertheless the problem is not
       *     solved completely but there are much less less problems by far.
  5. 19 Feb, 2014 1 commit
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      [ADD #309] Added some point output features and bugfixes. · 258944b5
      aschwarzkopf authored
      Following bugfixes new features:
        - Points group selector plugin: Can output selected buildings as
          WDataSetPointsGrouped in order to be able to view data in other plug-ins
        - Elevation image export plugin: Features to switch elevation display
          in triangle mesh height and color.
        - Fixes in documentation and few code cleanup.
  6. 18 Feb, 2014 1 commit
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      [ADD #309] Added colors to building point groups and direct elevation image display. · c04b1e87
      aschwarzkopf authored
      The buildings detection plugin generally was a mix of many things. These things of
      it were split up into these plutins:
        - Elevation image export
        - Points group selector which transforms building groups into a voxel structure
          and exports it to a triangle mesh.
      Added features:
        - Elevation image can be output in a triangle mesh
        - Elevation image (file and triangle mesh output) and building outline got colored
          building outline
      Code style:
        - Fixed prooblems with documentation (make doc)
        - Purged last code style (make stylecheck)