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<h1>Welcome to OpenWalnut %OW_LIB_VERSION%!</h1>
<a href="">Release Notes</a>
Hello User! New to OpenWalnut? Have a look at <a href=""></a>!
We provide
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<li> <a href="">first steps tutorial</a>,
<li> user documentation,
<li> programming tutorials
<li> and the latest information on OpenWalnut.
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Do you have problems using OpenWalnut? Do not hesitate to ask:
<li><a href="">Mailing list</a>
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<li>IRC Chat on in #ow
Found a bug? Do you have ideas for improvements? Please <a href="">report</a> these issues! We can improve OpenWalnut only with your help and ideas.
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<i>Thank you for using OpenWalnut!</i>