Commit 06d2fa79 authored by Alexander Wiebel's avatar Alexander Wiebel
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[CHANGE #86] bring kdbg automation script up to date

parent 81890c1c
# get path of this script
BINDIR=`dirname "$0"`
cd "$BINDIR/.."
# We want to avoid that multiple system installations of OpenWalnut cause some weird loading of libs. We want ours (relative to our executable) to be loaded:
# Well, this one needs to be there! If not, your installation is wrong.
# We need to ensure the libs are there. If not, do not add them to the preloads variable
for lib in $Libs
if [ -e "lib/$lib" ]; then
# Finally, export it
export LD_PRELOAD=$Preloads
# assume that this script is in the bin dir
# go there to ensure walnuts working directory is set correctly
cd "$BINDIR"
# Force C locale. This fixes an issue with newer boost versions. See ticket #130.
export LC_ALL=C
echo "Parameters: $PARAMS"
# run walnut
kdbg -a "$PARAMS" openwalnut-qt4
kdbg -a "$PARAMS" bin/openwalnut-qt4
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