Commit 22cb1bdd authored by Robin Eschbach's avatar Robin Eschbach
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[STYLE #442] fix stylecheck for newer headers

parent 39a62901
......@@ -74,7 +74,6 @@ WQtGui::WQtGui( const boost::program_options::variables_map& options, int argc,
m_optionsMap( options ),
m_loadDeferredOnce( true )
QCoreApplication::setAttribute( Qt::AA_X11InitThreads );
......@@ -218,33 +218,311 @@ _DEFAULT_FILTERS = ['-build/include_alpha']
# hard-coded international strings, which belong in a separate i18n file.
# Headers that we consider STL headers.
_STL_HEADERS = frozenset([
'algobase.h', 'algorithm', 'alloc.h', 'bitset', 'deque', 'exception',
'function.h', 'functional', 'hash_map', 'hash_map.h', 'hash_set',
'hash_set.h', 'iterator', 'list', 'list.h', 'map', 'memory', 'new',
'pair.h', 'pthread_alloc', 'queue', 'set', 'set.h', 'sstream', 'streambuf',
'stack', 'stl_alloc.h', 'stl_relops.h', 'type_traits.h', 'utility',
'vector', 'vector.h',
_CPP_HEADERS = frozenset([
# Legacy
# C++ library headers
# C++14 headers
# C++17 headers
# C++ headers for C library facilities
# Non-STL C++ system headers.
_CPP_HEADERS = frozenset([
'algo.h', 'builtinbuf.h', 'bvector.h', 'cassert', 'cctype', 'cerrno',
'cfloat', 'ciso646', 'climits', 'clocale', 'cmath', 'complex', 'complex.h',
'csetjmp', 'csignal', 'cstdarg', 'cstddef', 'cstdio', 'cstdlib', 'cstring',
'ctime', 'cwchar', 'cwctype', 'defalloc.h', 'deque.h', 'editbuf.h',
'exception', 'fstream', 'fstream.h', 'hashtable.h', 'heap.h', 'indstream.h',
'iomanip', 'iomanip.h', 'ios', 'iosfwd', 'iostream', 'iostream.h',
'istream', 'istream.h', 'iterator.h', 'limits', 'map.h', 'multimap.h',
'multiset.h', 'numeric', 'ostream', 'ostream.h', 'parsestream.h',
'pfstream.h', 'PlotFile.h', 'procbuf.h', 'pthread_alloc.h', 'rope',
'rope.h', 'ropeimpl.h', 'SFile.h', 'slist', 'slist.h', 'stack.h',
'stdexcept', 'stdiostream.h', 'stdint.h', 'streambuf.h', 'stream.h',
'strfile.h', 'string', 'strstream', 'strstream.h', 'tempbuf.h', 'tree.h',
'typeinfo', 'valarray',
# C headers
_C_HEADERS = frozenset([
# System C headers
# additional POSIX C headers
# additional GNUlib headers
# Additional linux glibc headers
# Hardware specific headers
# additional headers
# Other headers which are include like system headers, starting with a '<'
# We need to add all Qt headers too. Query them via some shell command like:
# grep -ir "#include[ ]*<Q.*" src | sed "s/.*#include[ ]*<\(.*\)>/\1/" | sort | uniq
......@@ -2474,8 +2752,8 @@ def _ClassifyInclude(fileinfo, include, is_system):
# This is a list of all standard c++ header files, except
# those already checked for above.
is_stl_h = include in _STL_HEADERS
is_cpp_h = is_stl_h or include in _CPP_HEADERS
is_c_h = include in _C_HEADERS
is_cpp_h = is_c_h or include in _CPP_HEADERS
if is_system:
if is_cpp_h:
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