Commit 2a535023 authored by Alexander Wiebel's avatar Alexander Wiebel
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[STYLE #424] Improved names of module connector in DVR

parent 6c4c7e4c
......@@ -91,14 +91,14 @@ const std::string WMDirectVolumeRendering::getDescription() const
void WMDirectVolumeRendering::connectors()
// DVR needs one input: the scalar dataset
m_input = WModuleInputData< WDataSetScalar >::createAndAdd( shared_from_this(), "in", "The scalar dataset." );
m_input = WModuleInputData< WDataSetScalar >::createAndAdd( shared_from_this(), "scalar data", "The scalar dataset." );
// The transfer function for our DVR
m_transferFunction = WModuleInputData< WDataSetSingle >::createAndAdd( shared_from_this(), "transfer function", "The 1D transfer function." );
// Optional: the gradient field
m_gradients = WModuleInputData< WDataSetVector >::createAndAdd( shared_from_this(),
"gradients", "The gradient field of the dataset to display" );
"gradients", "<u>Optional:</u> Gradient field of the dataset to display." );
// call WModules initialization
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