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......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ PACKAGES="deb src tgz"
# As we only need a source DEB, we do not build the deb for all supported distributions. The NeuroDebian project is doing this.
# DISTRIBUTIONS_DEB="sid wheezy squeeze lucid maverick natty"
# use these distributions to build binary tgz
#DISTRIBUTIONS_TGZ="sid wheezy squeeze lucid maverick natty"
......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ DISTRIBUTIONS_TGZ=""
# Architectures to build for
# NOTE: we need the debsrc package.
# Build binary tgz for 386 and amd64
......@@ -251,12 +251,11 @@ UsageExit()
echo "Central script for release management. Bootstraps the OpenWalnut Release code and starts the building."
echo ""
echo "Usage: $0 {bootstrap|clean}"
echo "Usage: $0 {clean|purge|bootstrap|do}"
echo " COMMANDS:"
echo " clean: removes created build sub-directories and logs but keeps bootstrap status."
echo " purge: like clean but also removes checkouts and scripts."
echo " bootstrap: gets a fresh copy of OpenWalnut."
echo " bootstrap: gets a fresh copy of OpenWalnut."
echo " do: does the actual building."
echo ""
Exit 2
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