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[CHANGE] adapted whitelist to contain only the modules supported in

OpenWalnut 1.1
parent 4b7acdfe
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ allowOnlyOneFiberDataSet = yes # This will prevent you from accidently loading m
# default=HUD
## A list of modules that will be provided through the GUI.
## If the list is empty all available modules are provided.
whiteList = Isosurface,Bounding Box,Isosurface Raytracer,Distance Map Isosurface,Gauss Filtering,HUD,Vector Plot,Write NIfTI,Mesh Reader,Triangle Mesh Renderer,Arbitrary Rois,LIC,Voxelizer,Superquadric Glyphs
whiteList = Arbitrary Plane,Coordinate System,Image Extractor,Paint Texture,Arbitrary Rois,Bounding Box,Distance Map Isosurface,Gauss Filtering,HUD,Isosurface,Isosurface Raytracer,LIC,Mesh Reader,Voxelizer,Superquadric Glyphs,Triangle Mesh Renderer,Vector Plot,Write NIfTI
## Specify a ";" separated list of additional paths for modules. The order of appearance is the order of loading. The following additional rules apply here:
## 1. if the directory contains one or more libOWmodule_XYZ it/they get loaded
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