Commit 3943a24c authored by math's avatar math
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changed line length to 110

parent 92e4a166
......@@ -1902,12 +1902,9 @@ def CheckStyle(filename, clean_lines, linenum, file_extension, error):
if (not line.startswith('#include') and not is_header_guard and
not Match(r'^\s*//.*http(s?)://\S*$', line)):
line_width = GetLineWidth(line)
if line_width > 120:
if line_width > 110:
error(filename, linenum, 'whitespace/line_length', 4,
'Lines should very rarely be longer than 120 characters')
elif line_width > 100:
error(filename, linenum, 'whitespace/line_length', 2,
'Lines should be <= 100 characters long')
'Lines should be <= 110 characters long')
if (cleansed_line.count(';') > 1 and
# for loops are allowed two ;'s (and may run over two lines).
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