Commit 3c49474d authored by Alexander Wiebel's avatar Alexander Wiebel
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[FIX] do not include files in test directory if tests are not activated

parent b1ca8d2f
FILE( GLOB COMMON_SRC "*.cpp" "*.h" )
FILE( GLOB COMMON_DATASTRUCTURES_SRC "datastructures/*.cpp" "datastructures/*.h" )
FILE( GLOB COMMON_EXCEPTIONS_SRC "exceptions/*.cpp" "exceptions/*.h" )
FILE( GLOB_RECURSE MATH_SRC "math/*.cpp" "math/*.h" )
FILE( GLOB MATH_SRC "math/*.cpp" "math/*.h" "math/linearAlgebra/*.cpp" "math/linearAlgebra/*.h" )
ADD_SUBDIRECTORY( datastructures )
ADD_SUBDIRECTORY( constraints )
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