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[ADD] - added conform menu stuff. Added additional script to...

[ADD] - added conform menu stuff. Added additional script to run OpenWalnut ensuring the correct libs to be loaded.
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See the "doc" directory for more information.
Directory Structure:
The place where the code from "src" will be built
Documentation for users and devlopers
helper scripts, e.g. startup script for OpenWalnut
The sources, i.e. code, icons, ...
Tools used during development and building
(e.g. style checker)
We keep this README short, since we have many documentation and information
online. So, for detailed information have a look at
If you have questions, comments, problems or find Bugs, contact us using:
* Mailing list:
* Very low traffic at the moment ( < 1 mail per month), you might want to try
the developer mailing list below.
* To join the list visit and follow
the instructions.
* Developer Mailing list:
* Medium traffic ( < 10 mails per week).
* To join the list visit and
follow the instructions.
* IRC: Occasionally you can contact us at #ow.
Required Dependencies:
* Qt4 (>= 4.3)
* OpenSceneGraph (>= 2.8.0)
* Boost (>= 1.39.0)
Compilation on Unix:
If you have installed all required third party libs, you can compile OpenWalnut
by using the common routine:
cd build
cmake ../src
make install -- this is optional
After that, OpenWalnut can be used inside the build directory.
Compilation on Windows:
This is a little bit more complicated. We give you a step-by-step explanation
After starting OpenWalnut, press F1 to get an introductory help. More
information is available online at
If you want to develop modules for OpenWalnut, have a look at
src/modules/template, which contains an extensively documented example module.
More information is available online. The WIKI, especially the development
section is very helpful. Besides this, an online API documentation is available
# get path of this script
BINDIR=`dirname "$0"`
cd "$BINDIR/.."
# We want to avoid that multiple system installations of OpenWalnut cause some weird loading of libs. We want ours to be loaded:
export LD_PRELOAD="lib/"
# Run OpenWalnut
bin/walnut $@
[Desktop Entry]
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