Commit 48066c46 authored by Sebastian Eichelbaum's avatar Sebastian Eichelbaum
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[FIX #307] startup script now sets the OSG plugin path according to libosgDB's path

parent 18ef8859
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ export LC_ALL=C
# If the user has installed OSG manually into a non-standard location, we need to set some OSG paths.
# This command uses libopenwalnuts dependencies to find the libosgDB directory.
# NOTE: if this command fails, script will continue execution
export OSG_LIBRARY_PATH=$(dirname `ldd lib/ | grep "libosgDB" | awky '{print $3;}'` 2> /dev/null)
export OSG_LIBRARY_PATH=$(dirname `ldd lib/ | grep "libosgDB" | awk '{print $3;}'` 2> /dev/null)
# Check if the user has set $OPENWALNUT_USEOPTIMUS to an executable
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