Commit 4f56c2a7 authored by Sebastian Eichelbaum's avatar Sebastian Eichelbaum

[CHANGE] version string changed to conform better to debians version string...

[CHANGE] version string changed to conform better to debians version string policy which is widely used by other systems too.
parent 56868d08
......@@ -2,12 +2,12 @@
# used and parsed. This file has to be here every time. The VERSION needs to be
# set properly or CMake will fail.
# SYNTAX: The version string always is 1.2.3 with an optional postfix of "+hg1234".
# SYNTAX: * The version string always is 1.2.3
# * With an optional postfix of "+hg1234".
# This is useful if building is done by scripts. If you want to automatically
# add the correct HG revision, use only +hgX without number.
# You can optionally add underscore separated tags. The allowed characters in
# these tags are letters and numbers and you must begin with a letter.
# See examples below.
# * You can add beta or release candidate flags by appending b123 or rc123 directly
# after the version number.
# IMPORTANT: If you modify the file, cmake re-creates the version header. But
# it is not able to set all library version. Please re-run cmake if
......@@ -17,7 +17,10 @@
# VERSION=1.2.0
# VERSION=1.2.0+hgX -> replaces the X with the current revision number
# VERSION=1.2.0+hg1234 -> here, revision number was set by the build scripts for example.
# VERSION=1.2.0_RC1_PreRelease_SomeText+hgX -> You can add arbitrary tags to the version string. But be careful. Usually only one tag is useful.
# VERSION=1.2.0b1+hgX -> first beta version
# VERSION=1.2.0rc1+hgX -> first release candidate version
# VERSION=1.2.0sometext1+hgX -> even arbitrary texts are allowd. Be careful as many packaging
# systems refuse to accept these arbitrary version strings.
# The current version string:
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