Commit 51a58274 authored by wiebel's avatar wiebel
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adapted brainlint to new headerformat

parent da2bf214
......@@ -825,17 +825,40 @@ def CloseExpression(clean_lines, linenum, pos):
return (line, linenum, endpos + 1)
def CheckForCommentHeader(filename, lines, error):
"""Logs an error if no CommentHeader appears at the top of the file."""
def CheckForCompleteCommentHeader(filename, lines, error):
"""Logs an error if the prescribed CommentHeader does not appear at the top of the file."""
# We'll say it should occur by line 10. Don't forget there's a
# dummy line at the front.
for line in xrange(1, min(len(lines), 11)):
if'// Project: BrainCognize', lines[line], re.I): break
if ( not (re.match(r'//---------------------------------------------------------------------------', lines[1])
and re.match(r'//', lines[2])
and re.match(r'// Project: BrainCognize', lines[3])
and re.match(r'//', lines[4])
and re.match(r'// Copyright 2009 ', lines[5])
and re.match(r'//', lines[6])
and re.match(r'// This file is part of BrainCognize.', lines[7])
and re.match(r'//', lines[8])
and re.match(r'// BrainCognize is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify', lines[9])
and re.match(r'// it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by', lines[10])
and re.match(r'// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or', lines[11])
and re.match(r'// \(at your option\) any later version.', lines[12])
and re.match(r'//', lines[13])
and re.match(r'// BrainCognize is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,', lines[14])
and re.match(r'// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of', lines[15])
and re.match(r'// MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the', lines[16])
and re.match(r'// GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.', lines[17])
and re.match(r'//', lines[18])
and re.match(r'// You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License', lines[19])
and re.match(r'// along with BrainCognize. If not, see <>.', lines[20])
and re.match(r'//', lines[21])
and re.match(r'//---------------------------------------------------------------------------', lines[22])
and re.match(r'$', lines[23])
error(filename, 0, 'legal/comment_header', 5,
'No valid comment header found. '
'You should have at least a line: "// Project: BrainCognize"')
'No valid comment header found. '
'Have a look at the CodingStandard for the appropriate header. '
'Do not forget to check for trailing whitespaces and similar hidden problems.')
def GetHeaderGuardCPPVariable(filename):
......@@ -2543,7 +2566,7 @@ def ProcessFileData(filename, file_extension, lines, error):
function_state = _FunctionState()
class_state = _ClassState()
CheckForCommentHeader(filename, lines, error)
CheckForCompleteCommentHeader(filename, lines, error)
if file_extension == 'h':
CheckForHeaderGuard(filename, lines, error)
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