Commit 5b7eb158 authored by Mario Hlawitschka's avatar Mario Hlawitschka
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[FIX] maybe fixed the graphics engine problem on OSX, but added information...

[FIX] maybe fixed the graphics engine problem on OSX, but added information output to debug the code until I am sure it works.
parent e1a48d81
......@@ -185,12 +185,15 @@ bool WGraphicsEngine::waitForStartupComplete()
if( !m_instance )
WLogger::getLogger()->addLogMessage( "Not Graphics Engine running", "GE", LL_INFO );
return false;
WLogger::getLogger()->addLogMessage( "Blocking for graphics engine startup", "GE", LL_INFO );
// this ensures that the startup is completed if returning.
WLogger::getLogger()->addLogMessage( "Done blocking for graphics engine startup, maybe running now", "GE", LL_INFO );
// did something went wrong? Ensure by checking if really running.
return isRunning();
......@@ -207,6 +210,9 @@ void WGraphicsEngine::threadMain()
m_running = false;
m_running = true; // we have to make sure, that we are "running"
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