Commit 5fac4797 authored by Alexander Wiebel's avatar Alexander Wiebel

[STYLE #42] fixed year at one more place

parent e5966520
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ to be easily extended and used in a large variety of application
and using a number of portable libraries (e.g. OpenSceneGraph and Qt)
it runs on all Windows platforms, OSX and GNU/Linux operating systems. <br />
<br />
Copyright 2009-2012 OpenWalnut community, BSV@Uni-Leipzig, and
Copyright 2009-2013 OpenWalnut community, BSV@Uni-Leipzig, and
CNCF@MPI-CBS. For more information see
<a href=""></a>.<br><br>
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
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