Commit 63618168 authored by Robin Eschbach's avatar Robin Eschbach
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[FIX #134] load warning

parent 408a43de
......@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@ void WMFilterProtonData::properties()
WPropertyGroup::SPtr groupVisual = m_properties->addPropertyGroup( "Visualization", "Visualization options", false );
WPropertyGroup::SPtr groupEventID = m_properties->addPropertyGroup( "Event Id Limitation", "Adjust the range of eventIDs to be shown.", false );
WPropertyGroup::SPtr groupRename = groupFilter->addPropertyGroup( "Rename Particle Types",
"Filtering/Rename or Delete Particle-Name", false );
"Filtering/Rename Particle Types", false );
WPropertyBase::PropertyChangeNotifierType columnNotifier = boost::bind( &WMFilterProtonData::loadNotifier,
this, groupColumn, boost::placeholders::_1 );
......@@ -190,7 +190,7 @@ void WMFilterProtonData::properties()
"but not both at the same time.", std::string( "" ), filterNotifier, false );
groupFilter->addProperty( "Show particles", "Choose particle type(s) to be shown.", std::string( "" ), filterNotifier, false );
groupRename->addProperty( "New Name (press enter)", "Type in a new name for the selected particle type."
groupRename->addProperty( "New name (press enter)", "Type in a new name for the selected particle type."
"To submit your entry press enter while you are in the textbox.", std::string( "" ), renameNotifier, false );
groupRename->addProperty( "Select particle", "Select the particle type to be renamed.", std::string( "" ), renameNotifier, false );
groupRename->addProperty( "Apply Changes", "Save", std::string( "" ), renameNotifier, false );
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