Commit 694552ce authored by Stefan Philips's avatar Stefan Philips

[ADD] Further definitions for numerical limits

parent ce8e2e7f
......@@ -32,7 +32,17 @@ namespace wlimits
const float MAX_FLOAT = std::numeric_limits< float >::max();
const size_t MAX_SIZE_T = std::numeric_limits< size_t >::max();
const int32_t MAX_INT32_T = std::numeric_limits< int32_t >::max();
const double MIN_DOUBLE = std::numeric_limits< double >::min();
const float MIN_FLOAT = std::numeric_limits< float >::min();
const size_t MIN_SIZE_T = std::numeric_limits< size_t >::min();
const int32_t MIN_INT32_T = std::numeric_limits< int32_t >::min();
const double LOWEST_DOUBLE = std::numeric_limits< double >::lowest();
const float LOWEST_FLOAT = std::numeric_limits< float >::lowest();
const size_t LOWEST_SIZE_T = std::numeric_limits< size_t >::lowest();
const int32_t LOWEST_INT32_T = std::numeric_limits< int32_t >::lowest();
const double DBL_EPS = std::numeric_limits< double >::epsilon();
const float FLT_EPS = std::numeric_limits< float >::epsilon();
......@@ -46,6 +46,20 @@ namespace wlimits
extern const double MIN_DOUBLE; //!< Positive minimum double value
extern const float MIN_FLOAT; //!< Positive minimum float value
extern const size_t MIN_SIZE_T; //!< Lowest/Minimum size value (equivalent to LOWEST_SIZE_T)
extern const int32_t MIN_INT32_T; //!< Lowest/Minimum int32_t value (equivalent to LOWEST_INT32_T)
extern const double LOWEST_DOUBLE; //!< Minimum double value
extern const float LOWEST_FLOAT; //!< Minimum float value
extern const size_t LOWEST_SIZE_T; //!< Lowest/Minimum size value (equivalent to MIN_SIZE_T)
extern const int32_t LOWEST_INT32_T; //!< Lowest/Minimum int32_t value (equivalent to MIN_INT32_T)
* Smallest double such: 1.0 + DBL_EPS == 1.0 is still true.
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