Commit 7166bd7f authored by wiebel's avatar wiebel
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[FIX] corrected misleading usage text

parent 75c83b81
......@@ -197,7 +197,7 @@ def main():
synopsis = "\n\t%prog [options] Classname"
synopsis += "\n\t%prog --help\n"
synopsis += "Example:"
synopsis += "\n\t%prog --class --header --member=int,plistId --member=WSomeOtherClass,myMemeberVar WSomeClass"
synopsis += "\n\t%prog --class --header --member=int,plistId --member=SomeOtherClass,myMemeberVar SomeClass"
synopsis += "\n\n%prog automatically writes the code to the corresponding files"
synopsis += "\n(cpp, h) and exists if it already exists."
parser = OptionParser(usage=synopsis, version="%prog 0.0_pre_alpha (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK)")
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