Commit 7871500a authored by Mario Hlawitschka's avatar Mario Hlawitschka
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......@@ -247,7 +247,7 @@ _CPP_HEADERS = frozenset([
# Other heders which are include like system headers, starting with a '<'
_OTHER_HEADERS = frozenset([
'QtGui', 'QtCore', 'QtWebKit', 'QtOpenGL', 'GL', 'cxxtest', 'boost', 'osg','osgText', 'osgViewer', 'osgDB', 'osgUtil', 'osgGA', 'osgSim', 'Eigen', 'matrix'
'QtGui', 'QtCore', 'QtWebKit', 'QtOpenGL', 'GL', 'cxxtest', 'boost', 'osg','osgText', 'osgViewer', 'osgDB', 'osgUtil', 'osgGA', 'osgSim', 'Eigen', 'matrix', 'core', 'CL'
# Assertion macros. These are defined in base/logging.h and
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