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[DOC] - added some hints for the new shared module stuff in template

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......@@ -31,10 +31,10 @@
// * think about a name for your module
// * rename the files from WMTemplate.cpp and WMTemplate.h to WMYourModuleName.cpp and WMYourModuleName.h
// * rename the class inside these files to WMYourModuleName
// * rename the class inside "W_LOADABLE_MODULE" to WMYourModuleName
// * change WMYourModuleName::getName() to a unique name, like "Your Module Name"
// * add a new prototype of your module to src/kernel/WModuleFactory.cpp -> search for m_prototypes.insert
// * add a your module to src/modules/CMakeLists.txt
// * analogously to the other modules, add yours
// * Note: this step will be automated in some time
// * run CMake and compile
// * read the documentation in this module and modify it to your needs
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