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[ADD] makefile and bibliography

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pdflatex openWalnutDesign
pdflatex openWalnutDesign
bibtex openWalnutDesign
bibtex openWalnutDesign
pdflatex openWalnutDesign
pdflatex openWalnutDesign
cp openWalnutDesign.pdf openWalnutDesignDocument.pdf
rm openWalnutDesign.aux openWalnutDesign.log openWalnutDesign.out openWalnutDesign.toc openWalnutDesign.bbl openWalnutDesign.blg openWalnutDesign.pdf openWalnutDesignDocument.pdf
......@@ -66,6 +66,8 @@ section stem from the following website:
\caption{The class hierarchy describing high-level values in OpenWalnut.}
For a general overview on visualization in medicine \cite{Preim:2007:VMT} can be recommended.
The GUI module is the only part where we allow gui-toolkit related code. For example, this means that the use of any QT class is
......@@ -122,6 +124,6 @@ myValuePointer = getValuesPointer<float *>()
\item Data can not be manipulated!
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