Commit 8e40e86e authored by Sebastian Eichelbaum's avatar Sebastian Eichelbaum

[ADD #220] optirun support now by using OPENWALNUT_USEOPTIMUS environment variable.

parent fe69e859
......@@ -24,5 +24,12 @@ export LD_PRELOAD=$Preloads
# Force C locale. This fixes an issue with newer boost versions. See ticket #130.
export LC_ALL=C
# Check if the user has set $OPENWALNUT_USEOPTIMUS to an executable
if [ -x "$OPENWALNUT_USEOPTIMUS" ]; then
echo "Optimus implementation found. Using "$OPENWALNUT_USEOPTIMUS""
# Run OpenWalnut
$BINDIR/openwalnut-qt4 $@
$runner $BINDIR/openwalnut-qt4 $@
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