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[CHANGE] It is better to use for class members the contructor init list.

parent 990e3825
......@@ -24,26 +24,21 @@
#include <string>
// #include "WModule.h"
#include "WModuleOutputConnector.h"
#include "WModuleConnectorSignals.h"
#include "../common/WCondition.h"
#include "WModuleConnectorSignals.h"
#include "WModuleOutputConnector.h"
#include "WModuleInputConnector.h"
WModuleInputConnector::WModuleInputConnector( boost::shared_ptr< WModule > module, std::string name, std::string description ):
WModuleConnector( module, name, description ),
m_dataChangedCondition( new WCondition() ),
m_updated( false )
// initialize members
// connect some signals
// This signal is some kind of "forwarder" for the data_changed signal of an output connector.
signal_DataChanged.connect( getSignalHandler( DATA_CHANGED ) );
// setup conditions
m_dataChangedCondition = boost::shared_ptr< WCondition >( new WCondition() );
// if connection is closed, also fire "data change"
signal_ConnectionClosed.connect( boost::bind( &WModuleInputConnector::setUpdated, this ) );
signal_ConnectionClosed.connect( boost::bind( &WCondition::notify, m_dataChangedCondition ) );
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