Commit 9d0732cf authored by Alexander Wiebel's avatar Alexander Wiebel
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[CHANGE] tell the user if the python version is problematic

parent 9e3b54fa
......@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@ import codecs
import getopt
import math # for log
import os
import platform
import re
import sre_compile
import string
......@@ -2783,6 +2784,13 @@ def ParseArguments(args):
def main():
if platform.python_version() > "3.0.0":
print( "You use python version "+platform.python_version()+"." )
print( "This script is known not to work for some versions above 3.0.0." )
print( "The last version known to work currently is 2.7.1." )
filenames = ParseArguments(sys.argv[1:])
# Change stderr to write with replacement characters so we don't die
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