Commit a723adc2 authored by Alexander Wiebel's avatar Alexander Wiebel
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[DOC] typo

parent b9666dc3
......@@ -164,7 +164,7 @@ boost::shared_ptr< WValueSet< float > > WMDistanceMap::createOffset( boost::shar
std::vector<float> floatDataset;
// wiebel: I know that this is not the most speed and memory efficient way to deal with different data types.
// Wowever, it seems the most feasible at the moment (2009-11-24).
// However, it seems the most feasible at the moment (2009-11-24).
boost::shared_ptr< WValueSet< float > > valueSet = makeFloatValueSet( ( *dataSet ).getValueSet() );
assert( valueSet );
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