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[CHANGE] - extended doc in WMTemplate for trigger properties

parent 1ab48afd
......@@ -22,6 +22,8 @@
#include <string>
#include "WPropertyTypes.h"
std::ostream& WPVBaseTypes::operator<<( std::ostream& out, const WPVBaseTypes::PV_TRIGGER& c )
......@@ -444,6 +444,32 @@ void WMTemplate::moduleMain()
m_output->updateData( newData );
// This sets the new data to the output connector and automatically notifies all modules connected to your output.
// As we provided our condition to m_aTrigger too, the main thread will wake up if it changes. The GUI can change the trigger only to the
// state "PV_TRIGGER_TRIGGERED" (this is the case if the user presses the button).
if ( m_aTrigger->get( true ) == WPVBaseTypes::PV_TRIGGER_TRIGGERED )
// Now that the trigger has the state "triggered", a time consuming operation can be done here.
debugLog() << "User triggered an important and time consuming operation.";
// Do something here. As above, do not forget to inform the user about your progress.
int steps = 10;
boost::shared_ptr< WProgress > progress1 = boost::shared_ptr< WProgress >( new WProgress( "Doing something important", steps ) );
m_progress->addSubProgress( progress1 );
for ( int i = 0; i < steps; ++i )
sleep( 1 );
// As long as the module does not reset the trigger to "ready", the GUI disables the trigger button. This is very useful to avoid
// that a user presses the button multiple times during an operation. When setting the property back to "ready", the GUI re-enables
// the button and the user can press it again.
// To avoid the moduleMain- loop to awake every time we reset the trigger, provide a second parameter to the set() method. It denotes
// whether the change notification should be fired or not. In our case, we avoid this by providing false to the second parameter.
m_aTrigger->set( WPVBaseTypes::PV_TRIGGER_READY, false );
// At this point, the container managing this module signalled to shutdown. The main loop has ended and you should clean up. Always remove
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