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[REMOVE] - not useful as it only shows binary dependencies. We actually need source deps.

parent cbdfebe2
# get the linked libs
# NOTE: certain libs are already available on every system with deb-helper (libc, libdl, libgcc, libm, libstdc++, libpthread)
linklibs=`objdump -p bin/openwalnut-qt4\
\`find lib -name "*.so"\` | grep NEEDED | \
grep -v "libopenwalnut" | grep -v "libc\.so" | grep -v "libdl\.so" | \
grep -v "libgcc.*" | grep -v "libm\.so" | grep -v "libstdc++\.so" | \
grep -v "libpthread\.so" | \
awk '{print $2}' | sort | uniq`
# use dpkg -S to find the corresponding packages. Several libs can be contained in multiple packages.
# We only filter out ia32 and lib32 packages.
paks=`dpkg -S $linklibs | awk '{print $1}' | sed 's/://' | grep -v "^ia32-" | grep -v "^lib32" | sort | uniq`
# find a package for each of them
for pak in $paks
dpkg -l | grep ".*$pak "
# this one is of limited use as we actually search the dev packages. But unfortunately, they do not necessarily follow the
# name of the binary package.
# dpkg -l | grep ".*$pak " | awk '{printf "%s (>= %s), ",$2,$3}'
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