Commit b91f3f2e authored by Matthias Berndt's avatar Matthias Berndt
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[FIX] cmake speedup. Increases spead on slow/remote filesystems

parent f11c916b
......@@ -257,10 +257,9 @@ FUNCTION( SETUP_STYLECHECKER _TargetName _CheckFiles _Excludes )
# Export our filtered file list to a file in build dir
SET( BrainLinterListFile "${PROJECT_BINARY_DIR}/brainlint/brainlintlist_${_TargetName}" )
FILE( WRITE ${BrainLinterListFile} "" )
FOREACH( filename ${_CheckFiles} )
FILE( APPEND ${BrainLinterListFile} "${filename}\n" )
ENDFOREACH( filename )
LIST( REMOVE_ITEM _CheckFiles "" )
STRING( REPLACE ";" "\n" _CheckFiles "${_CheckFiles}" )
FILE( WRITE ${BrainLinterListFile} "${_CheckFiles}\n" )
# add a new target for this lib
ADD_CUSTOM_TARGET( stylecheck_${_TargetName}
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