Commit c465e29c authored by Sebastian Eichelbaum's avatar Sebastian Eichelbaum
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[ADD] - added pyclewn startup script for debugging walnut in VIM (the only true text editor).

parent fdfe04b5
# This script allows you to use PyClewn (Vim GDB integration) with walnut.
# get path of this script
BINDIR=`dirname "$0"`
SRCDIR=$BINDIR # we assume this. We test lateron whether this
# we assume that your source dir is two or tree levels up. Setting the working directory to the source dir
# eases file browsing vim later
if [ -d "$BINDIR/../../src" ]; then
if [ -d "$BINDIR/../../../src" ]; then
echo "Could not find source dir." # this is not really critical.
# run walnut
pyclewn -c "-c \"cd $SRCDIR\"" -a $BINDIR/walnut "$*"
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