Commit d96eaff9 authored by Mathias Goldau's avatar Mathias Goldau
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[FIX] There were ambigous named properties within the resampling module

parent 4f693d39
......@@ -32,9 +32,9 @@
#include "WResampleBySegLength.h"
: WObjectNDIP< WResampling_I >( "#Points Resampling", "Each fiber has a an ensured number of points after resampling" )
: WObjectNDIP< WResampling_I >( "Segment Length Resampling", "Each fiber segement is of the given length after resampling" )
m_segLength = m_properties->addProperty( "#Points", "Number of points each fiber should have afterwards", 1.0 );
m_segLength = m_properties->addProperty( "Length", "New Segmentlength each fiber should have afterwards", 1.0 );
m_segLength->setMin( 0.0 );
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