Commit e291b7a4 authored by math's avatar math
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[FIX #43]

parent 6ab160bb
......@@ -2113,16 +2113,6 @@ def CheckLanguage(filename, clean_lines, linenum, file_extension, include_state,
# TODO(unknown): figure out if they're using default arguments in fn proto.
# Look for any of the stream classes that are part of standard C++.
match = _RE_PATTERN_INCLUDE.match(line)
if match:
include =
if Match(r'(f|ind|io|i|o|parse|pf|stdio|str|)?stream$', include):
# Many unit tests use cout, so we exempt them.
if not _IsTestFilename(filename):
error(filename, linenum, 'readability/streams', 3,
'Streams are highly discouraged.')
# Check for non-const references in functions. This is tricky because &
# is also used to take the address of something. We allow <> for templates,
# (ignoring whatever is between the braces) and : for classes.
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