Commit ecdc87d4 authored by Robin Eschbach's avatar Robin Eschbach
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Merge branch 'top2021s5/#133_particle_same_name' into 'sprint_5'

[MERGE #133] change error message

See merge request top/21s/sivert-vis/sivert-vis-project!86
parents 9b97fa16 a178d553
......@@ -322,7 +322,7 @@ void WFilterPropertyHandler::changePdgBiMap( int pdg, std::string newParticleNam
bool success_replace = m_PdgNamesByID.right.replace_data( pdg_iter, newParticleName );
if( !success_replace )
throw WException( "Fail to replace new particle name" );
throw WException( "You cannot choose the same particle name twice" );
else //unknown particle
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