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[CHANGE] - debugging scripts are not placed in tools as they are now resource...

[CHANGE] - debugging scripts are not placed in tools as they are now resource in an installation. They get copied to the build dir if not compiling release. Ther is (intentionally) NO install target for them.
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TRUE # this denotes that the contents of doc/man should be copied instead of user directly
# copy our debug utilities. This is only useful if compiled debug or RelWithDebInfo
IF( NOT cmake_build_type_tolower STREQUAL "release" )
# NOTE: DO NOT add and install target here. Debugging tools are not useful and wished in an OpenWalnut installation.
ADD_CUSTOM_TARGET( CopyDebugUtilities
COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E copy_directory "${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/../tools/debugging" "${PROJECT_BINARY_DIR}/"
COMMENT "Copying debug utilities"
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
When compiling in Debug or RelWithDebInfo mode, the utilities in here
can ease your life. They startup your favorite debugger for you and
pass OpenWalnut parameter. These files are not copied in Release mode.
Additionally, there is NO (and won't be ever) install target for these
files, as you do not debug an installed version.
HOWTO Extend:
The complete directory-structure in here is copied to the
build/install- directory. Just add your scripts to bin and additional
debugging files in share for example.
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