Commit fbb7f2f9 authored by Alexander Wiebel's avatar Alexander Wiebel
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parent 8303cc3f
......@@ -106,31 +106,31 @@ void WMEEGView::connectors()
void WMEEGView::properties()
m_propCondition = boost::shared_ptr< WCondition >( new WCondition() );
m_drawElectrodes = m_properties->addProperty( "Draw Electrodes",
m_drawElectrodes = m_properties->addProperty( "Draw electrodes",
"Draw the 3D positions of the electrodes.",
m_propCondition );
m_drawHeadSurface = m_properties->addProperty( "Draw Head Surface",
m_drawHeadSurface = m_properties->addProperty( "Draw head surface",
"Draw the head surface between the electrodes.",
m_propCondition );
m_drawLabels = m_properties->addProperty( "Draw Labels",
m_drawLabels = m_properties->addProperty( "Draw labels",
"Draw the labels of the electrodes at their 3D positions.",
m_propCondition );
m_labelsWidth = m_properties->addProperty( "Labels Width",
m_labelsWidth = m_properties->addProperty( "Labels width",
"The width of the label display in pixel.",
24 );
m_timePos = m_properties->addProperty( "Time Position",
m_timePos = m_properties->addProperty( "Time position",
"The time position in seconds where to start the graph at the left edge.",
0.0 );
m_timeRange = m_properties->addProperty( "Time Range",
m_timeRange = m_properties->addProperty( "Time range",
"The width of the graph in seconds.",
4.0 );
m_graphWidth = m_properties->addProperty( "Graph Width",
m_graphWidth = m_properties->addProperty( "Graph width",
"The width of the graph in pixel.",
992 );
m_yPos = m_properties->addProperty( "Y Position",
m_yPos = m_properties->addProperty( "Y position",
"The y position in pixel at the lower edge.",
-724.5 );
m_ySpacing = m_properties->addProperty( "Spacing",
......@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ void WMEEGView::properties()
m_ySensitivity = m_properties->addProperty( "Sensitivity",
"The sensitivity of the graph in microvolt per pixel.",
2.0 );
m_colorSensitivity = m_properties->addProperty( "Color Sensitivity",
m_colorSensitivity = m_properties->addProperty( "Color sensitivity",
"The sensitivity of the color map. It ranges from -Color Sensitivity to +Color Sensitivity in microvolt.",
23.0 );
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