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      [ADD] Many changes to the EEG view module to support paging: · 8d0a3d7a
      cornimueller authored
       * Viewing parameters are stored as properties.
       * Adjusted structure of the scene graph.
       * Viewing changes are done by numerous callbacks which load the needed data from the EEG classes.
       * Replaced WGE2DManipulator by a new WEEGViewHandler which translates the controls into changes of the new properties.
      Now it is possible to see the whole file, but it is just loaded when needed.
      In addition to that, some other changes ensued:
       * Electrode labels are always at the left independent from the panning in time.
       * The controls were changed and extended (MMB: panning, RMB: zooming in time, Wheel: scaling of voltage, Wheel+RMB: change spacing of graphs)
       * Resize-window-events are forwarded to a osgViewer::View to be used by a GUIEventHandler attached to this View.
       * Now the EEG view module is automatically added after loading a WEEG2 dataset instead of a WEEG dataset.
       * When adding a new custom dock widget, it is floating with a windows size of 1024x768.
      Note that the marked event positions are currently not synchronized with the display, this still has to be adapted.
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